The Salon Duckbill mask is lightweight, roomy and breathable - it is much cooler than any cloth mask.

As an added feature, the Salon Mask has an added hypoallergenic medical tape that lines the mask to “stick-on” to the face, perfect for haircuts - no ear straps to get in the way. The Salon Mask does come with ear straps that may be tucked in the mask during use. The tape may then be removed after first use and the mask may then be reused with the ear straps.


The material it is made of has been lab-tested and provides ± 97% Particle Filtration Efficiency, PFE-155. That is comparable to N95 masks.


Made in Asheville, NC.


3-pack include 3 disposable Salon Duckbill masks packaged together.

Salon Duckbill 3-pack

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